Queen Links

(in no particular order)
http://www.queenonline.com/ - Queen’s official site
http://www.brianmay.com/ - Brian May’s official site
http://www.queenworld.com/ – International Queen Fanclub
http://www.queenzone.com/ – news, pictures, etc.
http://gr8kingrat.com/ - stuff about tours, concerts, etc.
http://www.queentube.net/ - all of the Queen videoclips in one place. There you can find rare footage & home-made music videos for nearly every Queen song
http://www.queenconcerts.com/ – Queen concerts
http://www.queenpicturehall.com/ – Queen rarities
http://www.meddows.com/ – fan site
http://www.queenautographs.com/ – Queen autographs
http://www.queencaptionsheaven.com.ar/ – 700+ Queen captions
http://www.queenoz.com/ – lots of pictures
http://www.queencuttings.com/ – Queen cuttings & clippings
http://www.queenmuseum.com/ – pictures of rare Queen collector items
http://www.queenarchives.com/ – articles, interviews, album reviews, etc.
http://www.queen-headquarters.de/ – German fan site
http://www.queenfreddie.com/ – Italian fan site
http://www.ghostofasmile.com/ – everything about Smile
http://www.queencollector.com/ – Queen rarities
http://www.deaky.com/ – John fan site
http://www.mercury-and-queen.com/ – lots of stuff about Freddie & Queen
http://mr-mercury.co.uk/ - Freddie fan site
http://www.queenlive.ca/ – Canadian Queen site, mainly about concerts
http://uberstories.weebly.com – awesome stories about Queen, their kids, & their friends
http://queenvinyls.com – queen vinyl single covers
http://www.freewebs.com/roger_taylor/roger411amustread.htm - Roger Taylor fan site
http://rogertaylor.info/ - Roger Taylor fan site
http://www.rogersmeadows.com/ - Roger Taylor fan site
http://roger-taylor.net/Main.htm - Roger Taylor fan site
http://www.queenpedia.com/ – the Queen encyclopedia
http://www.pcpki.com/queen/pre.html/ - list of all Queen songs, lyrics, guitar/bass tabs, etc.
http://www.mayniacs.com/index2.html - Contains all things related to Brian, including extensive MP3 download section for rare tracks
http://queenphotos.blogspot.com – lots of photos
http://www.mercuryparadise.comwww.queenmustgoon.net/ – Queen fan site
http://www.freewebs.com/isthisthereallife/Picturesgallery.htm/ - pictures
/ -  Queen items
http://www.queensongs.info/ - Queen tabs, chords, sheet music, album/song analysis, etc.
http://www.queenonstage.com/ - info page for collectors of original Queen bootleg records
http://www.queendiary.info/ - Site with the daily event calendar of Queen and its members
http://www.themarchoftheblackqueen.piczo.com/ - A site dedicated to the British rock band Queen, with lots of pics, info (bios, discography, lyrics, albums & singles covers, video screen captures...) and more
http://queen_people.tripod.com/ - Quite an interesting website which lists over 700+ people [and 25 bands] with some connection to Queen
http://www.queenfind.com/ - This Queen Portal / Search Engine with (recently updated with a brand new design), brings you more than 300 Queen websites, all listed and rated. The site is being extended all the time and looks like a potential Queen hub
http://www.queencdsingles.web.pt/ - A collection of Queen & Freddie's CD Singles, featuring the regular issues, promos & special related releases. Swaps & Sales page also available
http://www.rockit.8k.com/ - This Argentinian Queen site is built in two languages, English and Spanish. The site has Album information, interviews, photos, lyrics, multimedia clips and much much more
http://www.mymodernad.info/world%20of%20music/Queen/ - A site dedicated to the music and life of Freddie Mercury and Queen
http://freddiemercury4ever.cjb.net/ - A site with information on Albums, lists of Links, Mp3 collections, an extensive Freddie & Queen Photo Gallery and a site guestbook
http://rockhall.com/inductee/queen/ - Inductee profile, bibliography and timeline
http://www.classicqueen.com/ - A site with MIDI files, international singles and albums charts, a songs countdown, the latest news, history, and a song discography with information
http://www.queenplace.com/ - discography, biographies, concerts, webboard and lyrics
http://queenvault.com/ - a very good site with lots of items from Queen, and each of the member's solo work
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