The Miracle

Released: May 22nd, 1989
Recorded: January 1988-January 1989 at Olympic Studios and Townhouse Studios, London, England, and Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland
Genre: Rock
Length: 58:40 (1991 Hollywood CD)
Label: EMI, (UK), Capitol, Hollywood (US)
Producer: Queen, David Richards

·         Freddie Mercury: lead vocals, piano, keyboards, backing vocals, synthesizers, programming
·         Brian May: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals, synthesizers, programming
·         Roger Taylor: drums, electronic drums, backing vocals, lead vocals, synthesizers, programming
·         John Deacon: bass, electric guitars, synthesizers, programming
·         David Richards: additional synthesizers, engineering
·         Assistant Engineers: Andrew Bradfield, John Brough, Angelique Cooper, Claude Frider, Andy Mason, Justin Shirley-Smith
·         Mastered by: Kevin Metclaf and Gordon Vickary
·         Computer programming by Brian Zellis
·         Album sleeve design by Richard Gray
·         Original photography by Simon Fowler

I Want it All, released May 2nd, 1989
Breakthru, released June 19th, 1989
The Invisible Man, released August 7th, 1989
Scandal, released October 9th, 1989
The Miracle, November 27th, 1989

Interesting Facts:
Freddie confessed to his band members he had AIDS around the beginning of the recording of this album, though it was not announced to the public till the day before his death.
The album was originally going to be called "The Invisible Man", but three weeks before the release, according to Roger Taylor, they decided to change the name to The Miracle.
“Party” started off as a jam session between Freddie, Brian and John.
The song is about infamous Adnan Khashoggi and a ship that he owned at the time.
Roger pulled a Freddie, and wrote part of the Invisible Man in the bath.
The song “I Want it All” was inspired by Anita Dobson’s favourite motto.Tard.

Track Listing:
Side One:
1.       Party (Deacon, May, Mercury)—2:24
2.       Khashoggi’s Ship (Queen)—2:47
3.       The Miracle (Queen)—5:02
4.       I Want it All (May)—4:40
5.       The Invisible Man (Taylor)—3:55
Side Two:
1.       Breakthru (Taylor)—4:07
2.       Rain Must Fall (Deacon, Mercury)—4:20
3.       Scandal (May)—4:42
4.       My Baby Does Me (Deacon, Mercury)—3:22
5.       Was It All Worth It (Queen)—5:45
1991 Hollywood Record Bonus Tracks
1.       Scandal (12” Mix)—6:34
Bonus Tracks (CD versions only)
1.       Hang on in There (Queen)—3:46
2.       Chinese Torture (Queen)—1:46
3.       The Invisible Man (12” Version)—5:29

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