A Day at the Races

Released: December 10th, 1976
Recorded: July- November 1976 at The Manor, Sarm East, Wessex
Genre: Rock
Length: 44:24
Label: EMI, Parlophone (UK), Elektra, Hollywood (US)
Producer: Queen

·         Freddie Mercury: lead vocals, backing vocals, piano
·         Brian May: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals, piano, plastic piano, harmonium
·         Roger Taylor: drums, percussion, lead vocals, backing vocals, electric guitar
·         John Deacon: bass guitar, acoustic guitar
·         Mike Stone: additional vocal on “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy”

Somebody to Love, released November 12th 1976
Tie Your Mother Down, released March 4th, 1977
Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together), released March 25th, 1977 (Japan only)
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Queen’s first EP), released May 20th, 1977
Long Away, released June 7th, 1977 (Canada, US, New Zealand only)

Interesting Facts:
"Tie Your Mother Down" was written in Tenerife, when Brian May was earning his PhD in Astronomy in early 1975. He wrote it on Spanish guitar and thought he'd change the title and chorus later on, but Mercury liked it and they kept it that way.
In the UK, this was the first Queen album to be TV-advertised using scenes from their September 18 Hyde Park free concert for which they'd interupted the album sessions.
This is the only Queen album produced solely by the band.

Track Listing:
Side One:
1.       Tie Your Mother Down (May)—4:47
2.       You Take My Breath Away (Mercury)—5:09
3.       Long Away (May)—3:34
4.       The Millionaire Waltz (Mercury)—4:54
5.       You and I (Deacon)—3:25
Side Two:
1.       Somebody to Love (Mercury)—4:56
2.       White Man (May)—4:59
3.       Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy (Mercury)—2:54
4.       Drowse (Taylor)—3:45
5.       Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) (May)—5:50
1991 Hollywood Record Bonus Tracks
1.       Tie Your Mother Down (1991 remix by Matt Wallace)—3:44
2.       Somebody to Love (1991 remix by Randy Badazz)—5:00

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