Brian May Facts

Brian was seriously ill in 1974, when he collapsed with Hepatitis in the middle of their US tour, which had to be cancelled. Recovering from the illness, Brian recorded his bits on Sheer Heart Attack in-between rushes to the bathroom

Brian didn't officially graduate college until May 14th 2008 (he was 60)

He was, at one point, very depressed, and even thought seriously about driving off a bridge to end his problems.

He broke his arm skateboarding in the US in 1989.

Apparently he is 6’ 1.5” tall

On June 18th, 2008, asteroid 52665 Brian may was named after Brian (quite obviously) on the suggestion of Sir Patrick Moore

Brian made a statement about a year ago where he said (not in these exact words) he felt Freddie was lucky for dying and not witnessing the demise of Queen. This was before he got back with Anita Dobson and married her.

Brian worked in a windshield wiper factory as a teen

In 1977 while the band was on tour with Thin Lizzy as the support act, Lizzy's guitar player Scott Gorham got a lemon thrown at him. When Queen went on, out from the same direction of the lemon came a whole bunch of eggs straight at Brian! (and he just happened to be wearing a white shirt that night). He slipped on the mess and fell on his butt.

There have been several attempts by different people to copy Brian's trademark guitar. One early attempt (back around 1978) failed so miserably that Brian, in a very uncharacteristic moment, threw it off the stage at the end of a show and broke it.

Brian got drunk with Van Halen one night and when he went to throw up in the bathroom he hit his head on the toilet tank and got a concussion. He had to play with a bandage on his head the following night.

Apparently as a kid Brian was afraid of a chair in the corner of his room at night.

The first time Brian met Crystal he accidentally stepped on his foot with his clogs and apologized about 20 times.

Money-wise, Brian's guitar is the cheapest piece of equipment the band owns.

Brian broke his arm while playing on his son’s skateboard in the late 80’s.

Brian has donated an old lawnmower to the British Lawnmower Museum in Southport, Lancashire.

Brian was dragged into an alley in Hawaii and asked where he got his drugs, because he was wearing unusual clothes and had long hair.

Richie from Five got lost in Brian May's grounds during the recording of their version of 'We Will Rock You', and had to be found by a search party consisting of Five's other members.

During The Works sessions Brian and Roger got into a fight and Brian punched Roger. They kept on fighting for a moment.

He has 3 kids with Chrissy Mullen: James "Jimmy" (born June 15, 1978), Louisa Mary (born May 22, 1981), & Emily Ruth (born February 17, 1987)
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