Released: November 10th, 1978
Recorded: July- October 1978 at Mountain Studios, Montreux, Super Bear, Nice
Genre: Rock
Length: 44:44
Label: EMI, Parlophone (UK), Elektra, Hollywood (US)
Producer: Queen, Roy Thomas Baker

·         Freddie Mercury: lead vocals, backing vocals, piano
·         Brian May: electric & acoustic guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals
·         Roger Taylor: drums, percussion, electric guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals, bass
·         John Deacon: bass, electric & acoustic guitars

Bicycle Race/Fat Bottomed Girls, released October 13th, 1978
Don’t Stop Me Now, released January 26th, 1979
Mustapha, released 1979 (Bolivia, Germany, Spain, Yugoslavia only)
Jealousy, released 1979 (Canada, US, Brazil, New Zealand, USSR only)

Interesting Facts:
The song “Dead on Time” ends with the sound of a thunderbolt, followed by Mercury screaming "You're dead!" The thunderbolt was actually recorded by May on a portable recorder during a vicious thunderstorm. Amusingly, the album's liner notes credit the thunderbolt to God.
The album artwork was suggested by Roger Taylor, who previously saw a similar design painted on the Berlin Wall
Legend has it that they borrowed the bikes used in the bicycle race from a store, but had to pay for the seats (for I reason you should be able to figure out yourself)

Track Listing:
Side One:
1.       Mustapha (Mercury)—3:01
2.       Fat Bottomed Girls (May)—4:16
3.       Jealousy (Mercury)—3:14
4.       Bicycle Race (Mercury)—3:01
5.       If You Can’t Beat Them (Deacon)—4:15
6.       Let Me Entertain You (Mercury)—3:01
Side Two:
1.       Dead on Time (May)—3:23
2.       In Only Seven Days (Deacon)—2:30
3.       Dreamers Ball (May)—3:30
4.       Fun It (Taylor)—3:29
5.       Leaving Home Ain’t Easy (May)—3:15
6.       Don’t Stop Me Now (Mercury)—3:29
7.       More of That Jazz (Taylor)—4:16
1991 Hollywood Record Bonus Tracks
1.       Fat Bottomed Girls (1991 remix by Brian Malouf)—4:22
2.       Bicycle Race (1991 remix by Junior Vasquez)—4:59
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