Freddie Mercury Facts

He used to collect stamps, which were bought by some British postage museum for $40,000 or so.

Freddie had 30 pet Japanese carp fish worth at the time he bought them 1,000 pounds each. However the poor fancy fish met a tragic end when they died after their pool being cleaned.

Freddie had an extravagant taste in art. He once bought a set of hand-painted china for 250,000 pounds and went to Geneva to learn how to make the stuff himself.

All of Freddie’s bi and male friends had female nicknames that Freddie named them

Freddie was the first ‘gay’ (even though he is bi, which is different) man to attain Rock God status

Freddie Mercury's original name was Farrokh Bulsara, until he wisely decided to change it to something pronounceable by English speaking folks.
Cirolana mercuryi is a crustacean named after Freddie Mercury.

Apparently he was 5’ 9” tall before he died.

Tim Staffel asked Freddie to take his place in Smile after he left.

In the early 70's when they were all living together and whatnot they used to buy marijuana mixed with jasmine tea and would have to separate it from the tea to get high. Back in those days Freddie didn't go near drugs and was unaware of the whole situation when he made some tea and unsuspectingly got himself high. He felt stupid for falling for that and wanted to get back at someone. One night a bunch of cops came by because the neighbours complained for excessive noise and he decided to make them some tea….
While on tour in Australia in the mid-70's, Freddie got angry and broke a mirror over a roadie's head then ordered him to sweep it up.

Freddie showed up at Deaky's wedding in a white limo, dressed head-to-toe in white satin with a huge white feather boa - and a girl on each arm. The boa didn't survive the ride to the reception, though - someone got the bright idea to pile twenty extra people into the limo and poor Freddie would up with some very lucky someone on his lap.

Freddie once did the weather forecast on Kenny Everett's UK radio show - and got it completely wrong.

Once, during Ibex’s heyday, Freddie alit from the band’s bus decked out in head-to-toe white satin and a fur coat—only to find himself in the midst of a group of very sooty coal miners. He screamed, jumped back in the band’s bus and slammed the door.

According to Mick Rock, Freddie's protrubent front teeth were the result of his having four too many in back that shoved the front ones forward. When Mick pointed out that it was fairly simple to fix, Freddie told him, "Darling, I can't. I'm afraid it would affect my voice. I need the extra teeth to sing."

Freddie had a fish pond in his back yard (great idea with all those cats of his around) and cried when one of the fish died.

Freddie used to love pushing all the buttons at the same time in an elevator and would then panic like a 2 year old when the elevator stalled.

Freddie was wearing a scarf tied around his neck when he was mobbed by a group of fans. Two girls grabbed the scarf and started pulling it in opposite directions, nearly choking him to death.

Freddie wanted to back out of the 1986 Magic tour at the last minute and Crystal was given the privilege of having to convince him otherwise.
Freddie hated being called Fred.

Freddie had a thing for boxes, he really liked boxes and had loads everywhere, and he had a small drawer with special boxes filled with all his personal things that meant things to him.

When Freddie was in Germany, one of his cats died and he got a plane home the next day to go to it's funeral.

When Freddie was touring he would phone his cats and talk to them for hours.
He dedicated his solo album Mr. Bad Guy to his cats.

Freddie is so awesome that a champion dog, a cat, and a species of frog (I believe it is) was named after him.
It is said that Freddie never learned how to swim.
He also never learned to drive.
He also never knew how to use his microwave apparently.
Before Freddie died he had prepared a huge list of Xmas presents for all his friends. Elton John cried when he got his present (a painting).
In the early days, Freddie`s legs were black with bruises because he had been slapping his thighs with a tambourine during different numbers.
Niki Lauda's fleet (Lauda Air which is one of the most expanding airlines in Europe with destinations all over the world) has added another medium-range aircraft: the new Boeing 737-800, which seats 184 passengers, was named FREDDIE MERCURY after Freddie.

After his death, Fans painted tributes on the Walls of his house in Kensington Place.  As of 1999 they had been sandblasted clean.

His baby photo won photograph of the year in 1947 in his hometown.
There is a breed of yellow rose named after him. 

Was an avid and fastidious philatelist (stamp collector). His extensive collection is still exhibited at stamp shows world-wide as being under the estate of his birth name.

He was deeply interested in mythology
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