Freddie's Solo Work

Mr. Bad Guy

Released: April 29, 1985
Recorded: 1984-85 at Musicland Studios, Munich
Length: 40:41
Label: Columbia
Producer: Mack, Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury – vocals, piano, synthesizer
Fred Mandel – additional piano, synthesizer, guitar
Paul Vincent – lead guitar
Curt Cress – drums
Stephan Wissnet – bass guitar
Jo Burt – fretless bass on "Man Made Paradise"
Rainer Pietsch – arrangement for "Mr. Bad Guy"
Mack and Stephan Wissnet – Fairlight CMI, drum programmes
Mack, assisted by Stephan Wissnet – engineering
The Artful Dodger – artwork
A. Sawa – photographs

Track listing
Side One:
1.        Let’s Turn It On—3:42
2.        Made in Heaven—4:05
3.        I Was Born to Love You—3:38
4.        Foolin’ Around—3:29
5.        You Kind of Lover—3:32
Side Two:
1.        Mr. Bad Guy—4:09
2.        Man Made Paradise—4:08
3.        There Must Be More to Life Than This—3:00
4.        Living On My Own—3:23
5.        My Love is Dangerous—3:42
6.        Love me Like There’s No Tomorrow—3:46
*all songs by Freddie Mercury

The album was originally to be called 'Made in Heaven' (the title was obviously later adopted for the final Queen album in 1995), Freddie changed his mind a short time before the release.


Released: October 10th, 1988
Recorded: 1987-88 at Townhouse and Mountain Studios
Length: 39:56
Label: Polydor, Hollywood
Producer: Freddie Mercury, Mike Moran, David Richards

Track listing
Side One:
1.        Barcelona (Mercury)—5:37
2.        La Japonaise (Mercury)—4:49
3.        The Fallen Priest (Mercury/Moran/Rice)—5:46
4.        Ensueño (Mercury, Moran, Caballé)—4:27
Side Two:
1.        The Golden Boy (Mercury/Moran/Rice)—6:04
2.        Guide Me Home (Mercury)—2:49
3.        How Can I Go On (Mercury/Moran)—3:51
4.        Overture Piccante (Mercury/Moran)—6:40

Freddie Mercury: Vocals, producer, arranger.
Montserrat Caballé: Vocals.
Mike Moran: all keyboards; production, arrangements.
David Richards: production.
John Deacon: Bass guitar ("How Can I Go On").
Homi Kanga: Violin ("Barcelona").
Laurie Lewis: Violin ("Barcelona").
Deborah Ann Johnston: Cello ("Barcelona").
Barry Castle: Horn ("Barcelona").
Frank Ricotti: Percussion ("Barcelona").
Madeline Bell: Backing vocals ("The Golden Boy").
Debbie Bishop: Backing vocals ("The Golden Boy").
Lance Ellington: Backing vocals ("The Golden Boy").
Miriam Stockley: Backing vocals ("The Golden Boy").
Peter Straker: Backing vocals ("The Golden Boy").
Mark Williamson: Backing vocals ("The Golden Boy").
Carol Woods: Backing vocals ("The Golden Boy")

the Freddie Mercury album

Released: November 16, 1992
Recorded: Various
Length: 44:16
Label: Parlophone
Producer: Various

Track Listing
1.        The Great Pretender (Ram)
2.        Foolin’ Around (Steve Brown Mix) (Mercury)
3.        Time (Nile Rodgers Mix) (Clark/Christie)
4.        Your Kind of Lover (Steve Brown Mix) (Mercury)
5.        Exercises in Free Lover (Mercury/Moran)
6.        In My Defense (Ron Nevison Mix) (Clark/Daniels/Soames)
7.        Mr. Bad Guy (Brian Malouf Mix) (Mercury)
8.        Let’s Turn It On (Jeff Lord-Alge Mix) (Mercury)
9.        Living on My Own (Julian Raymond Mix) (Mercury)
10.     Love Kills (Mercury/Moroder)
11.     Barcelona (Mercury/Moran)

The Great Pretender

Released: November 24, 1992 (USA)
Label: Hollywood

Track Listing
1.        The Great Pretender (remix)
2.        Foolin’ Around (remix)
3.        Time (remix)
4.        Your Kind of Lover (remix)
5.        Exercises in Free Love
6.        In My Defence (remix)
7.        Mr. Bad Guy (remix)
8.        Let’s Turn It On (remix)
9.        Living on my Own (remix)
10.     My Love is Dangerous (remix)
11.     Love Kills (remix)

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