This site is all about the uber, awesome, epic band Queen (or at least the version that mattered). It is not yet complete, but is a work in progress I suppose you could call it, and will be awesome when it's done. Though it will never be finished. Why? Because there's always more that can be added. Always. But nevertheless, it will still be awesome. It already is awesome. It is, after all, about Queen.
Anyways, on this site, you will find many things (of course related to Queen), like pictures (lots of them), quotes, random facts, album info, macros, and many other things. You'll also probably find the biggest collection of Queen (or Queen related) desktop wallpapers, as this site contains over 120 of them. Which if you ask me, is quite the number of them.

So, since you got this far, you might as well check out the rest of this site. Unless, of course, you already have. Then,  if you desire, you can look at it again. As many times as you'd like.
Please come back often to see the updates.
This site was built by a Canadian. Which makes it that much awesomer.